• Andrew K. Thompson

How I think of photography.

Updated: Nov 2

The Image: The picture represents reality through various lens-based mass distribution methods. Social media, images of celebrities from the Queen of England to Sojourner Truth to Kim Kardashian. Products. Representation. Propaganda.

The Process: The “magic” of the chemical action of light through various historical methods. Metaphoric, poetic, mysterious, experimental. Rebellious, a push against the “mainstream.” Alchemy.

The Ideas: Various philosophies about or influenced by photography. Walter Benjamin, Siegfried Kracauer, Vilem Flusser, Susan Sontag, Deborah Bright, Deborah Willis, James Elkins, Roland Barths, etc.: what people think about photography.

The Influence: Eating disorders, Online dating, Protests, Porn, Click-bait, Deep Fakes. Crisis actors, “X-factor:” what people do because of photography. And what society has become because of photography.

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