About Andrew

"Early in the pandemic lockdown, Andrew K. Thompson commenced a set of images under the title Chemical Landscapes – Scarring Land & Time. The photographs depict “an apocalyptic vision of nature’s future,” he states. Thompson is an imperfectionist. He cuts and punctures, stitches and stains. He does to photographs what mankind is doing to the planet. Thompson’s practice has a punk edge. Destruction as creation with metaphoric aims. His markers of scruffy inland Southern California—palm trees, power lines—are intentionally generic: a place, not this exact place. And his work contains a strong streak of environmental activism. “It’s no longer authentic to create pristine images of grand landscapes. That’s obvious. The actual landscapes are falling apart in front of us. On the other hand, if we’re already on the road to ruining everything, there’s an intense freedom in that.” - Doug McCulloh, UCR/California Museum of Photography 

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