Andrew K. Thompson is an artist and educator working in San Bernardino, California. He holds an MFA degree in Studio Art and Design from the California State University, San Bernardino, and a Certificate Degree in Art Business from New York University along with a BFA in Photography from the Academy of Art, San Francisco. He has exhibited throughout the United States including at the Klotz Gallery, Gallery 1/1, California Museum of Photography, The Center for Fine Art Photography, and the SRO Photo Gallery at Texas Tech University. Musings on his work have appeared on Saturday Night Live, The Village Voice, L.A. Weekly, and KVC_aRts. His images have appeared in Elle Magazine, Urban Italia, Rhythm Magazine, Time Out New York, The Village Voice, and Artvoices. He has written for Artvoices and Dotphotozine. Thompson is the co-founder of The Little Gallery of San Bernardino and is represented by Klotz Gallery in NYC.

Instagram: @Andrew_K_Thompson

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