Punk Rock Pillow Fight on Fox News

There was an article written about Punk Rock Pillow Fight’s first visit to Santos Party House in Manhattan for the Fox News website. P.R.P.F. had already been voted “Best of…” in New York Magazine so people had heard of it by this time. When I was asked to come in for an interview I thought it’d be for the internet again. So I rolled in unkempt with a two day old shirt and a deadline because I had to get to work by 3pm. The person who met me at the front door rushes me to the green room and announces that I’ll be going live and nation wide in twenty minutes then dumps me down in the makeup chair. I begin to panic, who did I know that A) Has a TV, B) Has cable and C) has means to record the show? Frantically I search through my contacts as the lady powders my forehead. The one person who fit this description was my Mom in California. Imagine getting a phone call from your son who lives on the other coast saying “Mom you got to hurry. I’m going to be live in fifteen minutes.” Thankfully she pulled it together and got the footage. This is just one of the multiple reason why my mother rules.