Punk Rock Pillow Fight IV

After two successful shows at The Silent Barn in Bushwick, Punk Rock Pillow Fight was held at The Glasslands in Williamsburg. This was the first time the mattresses were placed in front of the bands, right where they should have been all along. People were going bonkers when the bands played. They were jumping around, doing back flips and even making out on one corner of the bed. We witnessed the dominance of Luna Loveless, the baddest Mistress of The Mattress in PRPF history. This was also the most high tech PRPF I put on. With the help of Trey Kirchoff, I had a live feed video projection of the bouts on the big screen. It was pretty sweet. Trey also filmed and edited this video, which is equally sweet. The final memory of the night was a ten person intergender battle royal the ended in fifteen seconds with just three or four strikes. The winner won a handmade trophy by Justin Horne that had a Macho Man Randy Savage action figure holding a pillow on top. Pure genius.