PUNK ROCK PILLOW FIGHT is a pillow fighting tournament that truly decides the master and the mistress of the mattress. Created in Brooklyn by artist Andrew K. Thompson in 2005, Punk Rock Pillow Fight is a modern reaction to American Gladiators, Professional Wrestling, and the world of combat sports. While victory is undoubtedly the key goal for participants, Thompson makes it a priority to match the competition with a healthy dose of fun. Anyone who attends, whether as a competitor or audience member, is sure to enjoy the sheer madness of the experience and all that it offers.

The event is comprised of a main open tournament involving up to eight people separated by gender: men vs. men, women vs. women. The winner of each gender tournament receives a custom-made championship belt among other prizes.  In addition, specialty matches add suspense to the competition and take the event to new levels of pandemonium. Some notable past specialty matches are “The Inter-Gender Tag Team Match,” “The Fatal Feather Four Way," and "The Four Sides of Fear," which pit the opponents against each other and the audience. To complete the atmosphere, costumes are mandatory for all combatants; the crazier the better.

1. One knee down you're still around, two knees down you're out.
2. Off the mattress you're out.
3. If a match reaches the time limit, the Ref, with the audience’s help, will decide the winner.
4. No offensive shoving. Offensive shoving looks like a Sumo Wrestler pushing their opponent of the mattress. Defensive shoving is accepted, as it is sometimes necessary when pillows get tangled and must be separated.
5. "Loading up" your pillow is prohibited (no rocks, spikes, salt, etc. in your pillow).
6. No punching, kicking, headbutting, etc. (this is a PILLOW FIGHT, not a real fight)
*Violations of 4-6 will get you disqualified. **Violators of 6 will be escorted out of the event.

Regulation pillows will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring your own. (Please no bean or buckwheat pillows)
Teeth guards are suggested.
Costumes are MANDATORY.