May 9, 2017

Automatic Midnight opening this Saturday May, 13 at C.A.C.t.T.U.S Long Beach

Automatic Midnight opening this Saturday May, 13 at C.A.C.t.T.U.S Long Beach

Hello Friends,

I hope you can join me this Saturday, May 13th for my latest solo exhibition. 

Andrew K. Thompson’s first solo exhibition at C.A.C.t.T.U.S. Long Beach (326 Elm Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802) draws inspiration from Surrealist automatism, Aleatoric music and photographic elements to create an open-ended interaction between light, sound and audience. The result will be an Exquisite Corpse of sound that will be in a constant state of presence. 

In the storefront windows of C.A.C.t.T.U.S. are two sound sculptures that translate ambient light into sound. Each sculpture is actively reading and transmitting sound twenty-four hours a day for the entire length of the exhibition. The chance sound composition will be determined by the amount and quality of light at any given time. A third sound sculpture placed in the exhibition area may be triggered by audience interaction. 

Included in this exhibition is a selection of Thompson’s mesmerizing color chemigrams. Chemigrams are as close to Surrealist automatic drawing as a photographer can get by applying photographic chemistry onto to an exposed sheet of photo paper. Thompson veers in a different direction by removing layers of photographic emulsion with chemicals and marking devices like a sponge or a wire brush.  

In Automatic Midnight, Thompson presents possibilities without answers or expectations. The audience will be invited to be a part of the creation of chance sound compositions that will lead into unexpected territory while viewing color photographs also made by chance.