San Francisco Mission High School 1999

After a successful debut match I was told I would have to fight Risa De Muerte if I really wanted to be in the ISW. In the locker room Risa would brag about the lawsuits brought against him for beating people up at his job as a bouncer. He’d even showed me the scar on his elbow where he got stabbed. You bet I was nervous. We went over the match and I mentally prepared myself for the solid pummeling I was about to receive. We started the match and things were going fine and until I make the mistake of involving a chair. The first chair I toss bounces back at me, the second slides all the way out of the ring, but third stayed in the ring. As I climbed back in, Risa De Muerte introduced my sweet lips to the back end of that chair. My mouth burst open and blood was spilled. I don’t remember how, but we finished the matched and I was officially welcomed into Incredibly Strange Wrestling.