Utilizing various techniques, my photographs serve as a tangible speculation of the impending ecological threat specific to the southern California region. I begin by photographing generic representations of the local scenery, namely, palm trees and overhead power lines, to reference the region’s expansive topography. I then enter the darkroom to develop my negative and print using a RA4 color processor. Once I chose which print to work on I to trace with a sewing machine the human influence upon the land. The gesture of a tool that simultaneously punctures and mends is used to directly implicate humankind’s misuse of the land, an activity that has spiked in the last century. But to express genuine calamity the photographic print must be further transgressed, so I manipulate my photographs with chlorine bleach. A chemical that is common among households yet remains a dangerous pollutant to water, air, and wildlife populations. These alterations bring forth themes of how we mark time and impact our environment.

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  • Andrew K. Thompson -- In Progress

    Follow Andrew K. Thompson as he creates his photographic artwork. (AndrewKThompson.net / klotzgallery.com / gallery1of1.com) Video by Dominic Trujillo (https://vimeo.com/dominictrujillo)