Warped Tour Virginia Beach 2001

The day we made contact.
Immediately following this match, Bad Boy Corey and I was approached by a man dressed like Colonel Sanders hanging out at a Trekkie convention. He identified himself as a representative of the Church of Scientology and he wanted to have a ‘conversation’ with us. At first we were all for it, thinking it would be a great way to reinforce our gimmick, but after a few minutes speaking with him we began to get spooked. He knew too much about us and was asking a lot of strange questions. We promptly excused ourselves and proceeded to hide out, waiting for the bus to drive us to the next town.
But the next town was no safe haven. Instead of one representative, there was two. They were not as ‘friendly’ as the first. Again we hid away, but there was no escape. For the next ten days we were stalked, threatened and harassed by the Church of Scientology. The entire way up the East Coast. We had gotten enough press to be on their radar and they didn’t like our act so much. Eventually we had shaken them off our tail but I will never forget that experience. Some people don’t handle parody very well. I think Southpark found out about that too.