Andrew K Thompson
A Stitch in Time.
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I've been using the heat-transfer process for my photographs since 1997, usually on heavy canvas, creating a nice painterly effect, but not particularly crisp image. Concurrently, I had been producing "joiner" pictures with 4x5 Polaroids. Photo sharp but limited in scale. In 2003, I started teaching myself to sew. First by hand, then gradually to the sewing machine. I was mostly sewing t-shirts, gloves and other odds and ends. 

After an exhibit of my canvas photographs in 2006, a colleague of mine offhandedly suggested that I should sew on my canvas photographs. It made perfect sense to me as soon as I heard it. It became a convergence of my multiple traits, to create a process that allows me to convey as much of the experience of the landscape that I record. Not just a single image of a landscape, but what happens on the peripheral of this landscape. The people walking past you. The car driving by, just outside your field of vision. The clouds drifting in the sky. The movement of everything, contrasts the stillness of others. Many slivers of time, stitched together to create what seems like one decisive moment. 

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