I can’t look at dust the same anymore. Thanks to the California Museum of Photography’s exhibition A Handful of Dust. Go see it! The reception is 9/29.

As a photographer who photographs other artist’s artwork, I find comfort knowing that Man Ray and Walker Evans did the same. #photohistory #phototheory

#photohistory #phototheory

Proud to announce The Little Gallery of San Bernardino's next exhibition!! We are excited to showcase the work of @aevanfleetart Save the date Saturday September 29!!! More info dropping soon so stay tuned! #tlgsb #rejuvenationsb #sbart

I got another incredible compliment today. This former student told me that they changed their major to art after my photography class. 😍😍 I’m feeling so humbled.

First, imagine this being your teacher. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣💀
Second, I got a best compliment from a student today. He told me that despite receiving a concussion this weekend AND having a doctors/ the School’s permission to take the week off he didn’t want to miss MY class. 😍🤓🤩!! I suppose I’m doing something right?

New piece from Spain to add to my art collection. Thank you @axelcalatayud for the Chemigram. #chemigram #analogphotography #1of1

Sprinkler problems

I’ve been a bad artist and haven’t sent out an email blast about the latest show I’m in. Then I get this photo from @sierrarainewhite @thec4fap congratulating me. Thank you. And thank you @wilsonsframeup for the frame!

My little Jeffrey Vallance shrine.

#Repost @artsconnection_network with @get_repost
So many galleries around the entire county to see, like @the_little_gallery_sb, which we discovered at our pre-season mixer. Stop by if you’re in town and check them out this weekend for their first exhibition. ✌
#repost The Little Gallery of San Bernardino will be opening it's first exhibition. TODAY! Saturday August 25th 4-9pm. Spread the word! #TLGSB #lastsaturday
Thank you @artsconnection_network for the support. DM to make an appointment while @shaynesartsucks installation is still up.

Back to work at the lab and all my to-do’s. 😐

@artcritiquememes on point.

Another productive day. #sewnphotography #andrewkthompson

Yeah... I’m like that. #sorrynotsorry

Studying for my own class. #robertbowen #photohistory #phototheory

The Artist Observed: Photographs by Sidney B. Felsen with signatures by Sidney Felsen, Ed Ruscha, John Baldessari, and other others.

Time to ride. ☝🏽

Sneaking in an art practice in between all my other responsibilities.👩🏻‍🎨

Too good to forget.

Sneaking in some creative time before going back to work.

I still can’t believe they let me teach here but I know I’m ready. ☝🏽

After much experimentation I finally have a working sculpture/print of the melted caffenol camera. 🙌🏼

Doing some table top photography today. Keeping my chops up.

Flashback to I don’t know when...2007/8/9? Ridgewood, Queens was still a question mark on the hipster travel map. @notmatthewblair took the picture. Lech is at the bottom of the frame. This was probably a jam session at The Sanctuary of Hope.

One of my favorite Thomas McGovern photo series.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice guy, I like him just fine. But he’s a mouth breather.

Quality time with moms.

I’ve got true religion.

Ready as it’ll ever be. Let’s do this! @shaynesartsucks @the_little_gallery_sb

For the record, I am not pretending to be anything. I am a flawed human being that believes in what I believe, supports causes that I support, and try to better myself through dialog, education, self-reflection, and therapy. Call me whatever you want but don’t forget all the good stuff too.

Wipe yourself away

Thank you @michael_g2017 for the new signage. @the_little_gallery_sb

Big thank you to @irmita1214 and Beth @wilsonsframeup for another fine frame. Will be shipping this out to @thec4fap tomorrow. #andrewkthompson

Sound art and chill.

🙌🏼 bell hooks knows. 😍

I’m collecting photo IDs.

First day of first class. Time to “Speak Well”.

This Saturday @the_little_gallery_sb 4 - 9pm. @shaynesartsucks

Here is complete reading list for my new class. #ulv #themagicboxrevolution

Yo! Check out the @the_little_gallery_sb IG feed. It is being taken over by @floweeeerrs to promote @shaynesartsucks upcoming solo exhibition THIS Saturday, August 25th from 4-9. 
The Little Gallery of San Bernardino 
459 W. 4th St. Suite 12
San Bernardino, CA 92401
By Appointment 
More information to come.

And finally the book that has a handful of pictures of me but only one speaking line. 🤦🏻‍♂️ “Beer, Blood, and Cornmeal: Seven Year’s of Incredibly Strange Wrestling” by Bob Calhoun. #beerbloodandcornmeal #IncrediblyStrangeWrestling

How about the time (nearly ten years to the date) that I helped NY Times bestselling author Charles Bock shortly after his book “Beautiful Children” was released. #charlesbock

How about this limited edition book called “Slept in Beds” by Stacey Wakefield, Zachary Lopez, and Nicholas Zinner. Yeah, yeah, yes...that Nick Zinner.

Uncovering gems from the past including this mint expanded third edition of Bea Nettles’ “breaking the rules: a photo media cookbook”. #beanettles

Someone thinks I’m cool 😎.

Light reading with breakfast. In Defense of the Poor Image by Hito Steyerl. #poorimage #hitosteyerl

Race time.

Frozen Caffenol camera melt. #analogphotography #andrewkthompson

Me cooking breakfast?! Wha wha what? Egg whites, broccoli, onions, peppers, black beans, and Gardein 7 grain crispy tenders. Yup. What’s happening to me?

It’s official. I can now announce that I will be joining the University of La Vern photography department this semester. I will be teaching a photo history class that will surely be as fun as it is daunting. I’m entering into a whole new “best life” level. Onward and upwards. ☝🏽Amendment: I need to thank @anitabunn profusely for recommending me and having faith in me to knock this out of the park.


Mom, I joined a cult.

The Revival.