The University of La Verne newspaper is doing an article about me. ☺️ I’m flattered, honored, humbled,  and confused. Like, who the F wants to know about me? Weird. #crisisofthereal

Join us this Wednesday at 1PM in VA111 to see @radicalflowers speak about her dynamic art practice. #christyrobertsberkowitz #csusbart #csusbmfa

Become void: Dancing with a corner.

Two years to the date.

Cookie Dough Ziggurat. #rudeboycookies

Ode to Aaron Siskind. #aaronsiskind

Hidden gems from the process bin.

2 wheels down.

Beard and tree top. It’s Tuesday!

Ooooohhhh Yyyeeeaaahhh! This happened last night. @vikingbmx @viking_grisham1 @soto_family_bmx @morganjr.douglas

The incredible story begins here. #meowwolf

When I hear people yammer on and on about their full frame DSLR, I silently wish they’d stop.

Well, hello there! 
A new tool has arrived at CSUSB.

Getting ready for the next exhibition.

I’m brimming with pride for @aseye_seeit professionalism in organizing the exhibition HERstory. Check list! Follow ups! Timely promotions! Amazing. You are great!

The California Museum of Photography exhibition a Handful of Dust continues to influence me. #phototheory #cmp #ahandfulofdust

Being a photo nerd. #analogphotography #phototheory

Sam Gilliam. Scatter, 1972

Good advice.

Brought my 8x10 camera into class to discuss civil war Photography. #phototheory

Happening now!

TODAY!!! 4–9pm stop by and hang out. Come for the food stay for the art! #tlgsb #sbart #lastsaturday

My mother is so thoughtful. She stopped by the house with Thai Food. 😱

This Saturday! 4-9PM

Ephemeral drawing inspired by Richard Tuttle.

I’m lucky to be a part of this crazy Viking BMX tribe. Missing from the photo is Frank Grisham, @viking_grisham1, The Jump Family, and @zig_zag176. @vikingbmx thanks for everything!

More works in progress. Less colorful.

Morning view.

Flashback to the time I photographed Tav Falco & The Panther Burns. #tavfalco

Today’s reading materials. Anarchism by @anniebuckleyla and a Handful of Dust by @davidcampany.

I can’t look at dust the same anymore. Thanks to the California Museum of Photography’s exhibition A Handful of Dust. Go see it! The reception is 9/29.

As a photographer who photographs other artist’s artwork, I find comfort knowing that Man Ray and Walker Evans did the same. #photohistory #phototheory

#photohistory #phototheory

Proud to announce The Little Gallery of San Bernardino's next exhibition!! We are excited to showcase the work of @aevanfleetart Save the date Saturday September 29!!! More info dropping soon so stay tuned! #tlgsb #rejuvenationsb #sbart

I got another incredible compliment today. This former student told me that they changed their major to art after my photography class. 😍😍 I’m feeling so humbled.

First, imagine this being your teacher. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣💀
Second, I got a best compliment from a student today. He told me that despite receiving a concussion this weekend AND having a doctors/ the School’s permission to take the week off he didn’t want to miss MY class. 😍🤓🤩!! I suppose I’m doing something right?

New piece from Spain to add to my art collection. Thank you @axelcalatayud for the Chemigram. #chemigram #analogphotography #1of1

Sprinkler problems

I’ve been a bad artist and haven’t sent out an email blast about the latest show I’m in. Then I get this photo from @sierrarainewhite @thec4fap congratulating me. Thank you. And thank you @wilsonsframeup for the frame!

My little Jeffrey Vallance shrine.

#Repost @artsconnection_network with @get_repost
So many galleries around the entire county to see, like @the_little_gallery_sb, which we discovered at our pre-season mixer. Stop by if you’re in town and check them out this weekend for their first exhibition. ✌
#repost The Little Gallery of San Bernardino will be opening it's first exhibition. TODAY! Saturday August 25th 4-9pm. Spread the word! #TLGSB #lastsaturday
Thank you @artsconnection_network for the support. DM to make an appointment while @shaynesartsucks installation is still up.

Back to work at the lab and all my to-do’s. 😐

@artcritiquememes on point.

Another productive day. #sewnphotography #andrewkthompson

Yeah... I’m like that. #sorrynotsorry

Studying for my own class. #robertbowen #photohistory #phototheory

The Artist Observed: Photographs by Sidney B. Felsen with signatures by Sidney Felsen, Ed Ruscha, John Baldessari, and other others.

Time to ride. ☝🏽

Sneaking in an art practice in between all my other responsibilities.👩🏻‍🎨

Too good to forget.

Sneaking in some creative time before going back to work.

I still can’t believe they let me teach here but I know I’m ready. ☝🏽

After much experimentation I finally have a working sculpture/print of the melted caffenol camera. 🙌🏼

Doing some table top photography today. Keeping my chops up.

Flashback to I don’t know when...2007/8/9? Ridgewood, Queens was still a question mark on the hipster travel map. @notmatthewblair took the picture. Lech is at the bottom of the frame. This was probably a jam session at The Sanctuary of Hope.

One of my favorite Thomas McGovern photo series.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice guy, I like him just fine. But he’s a mouth breather.

Quality time with moms.

I’ve got true religion.